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Nanjing eCloudTech Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2015 and headquartered in Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park in Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, is a vendor providing Copy Data Management (CDM) products for enterprise modernization infrastructures. The Company takes backup modernization as the starting point to revitalize enterprise dark data, which realizes the end-to-end data protection, data management data services of the mobile data engine technology and achieves the full-lifecycle data asset management.

eCloudTech is deeply committed to responding to enterprise data management needs in order to promote the digital transformation of enterprises. To this end, we have proposed a three-step overall data strategy: first, to build a data management base with CDM replica data as the axis to support the collaboration of data OM, data business and data governance; second, to build a data base for enterprise digital transformation to provide a smartphone-like data application experience; third, to facilitate enterprises to shift from collecting data with applications to connecting data with applications. Our products have been used commercially on a large scale, with customers covering finance, operators, energy, government, high-end manufacturing and other major industries and have achieved good practical results.

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To improve the data-connected application experience of enterprises with CDM and accelerate digital transformation.

• Our Mission 

Strive for credible protection, efficient flow and agile use of enterprise data. 

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